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Acne & Blemishes

Skin problems are commonly found with teenagers and young adults and can be treated in a variety of ways. Some treatments are more invasive than others and can have varying rates of success. The cause of acne and blemishes are many; it can be hereditary, a build of up dirt clogging the pores or simply the rise of hormones during puberty.

The majority of teenagers treat these skin conditions with face washes specifically aimed to unblock pores. When used daily, acne and blemishes can be reduced or completely disappear within three days. The long terms effect of using this product is healthier looking skin and clearer pores. Face masks and skin treatments can also be used to treat acne and blemishes. It is extremely important however to find a product which will suit your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, buy products aimed at your market. Although these products may be more expensive, cheaper variations will irritate acne and blemishes. This will result in the problem becoming a lot worse.

Girls in particular have many alternatives when choosing how to cover their skin. With a wide range of make up and skin products available they are no longer embarrassed by their acne and blemishes during puberty and can cover up the majority of imperfections. Concealer is the most popular product to use, followed by foundations and tinted moisturisers. It is important however to moisturise the skin with a suitable skin cream before applying any product to acne and blemishes to reduce flaking of the skin.

The most invasive procedures to treat the skin include prescribed medicines and creams from your doctor or in the most serious cases, laser therapy. Tablets or special creams aim to reduce the hormone imbalance caused during puberty. Laser treatment aims to stop new breakouts on the skin and can also reduce acne scars left from childhood. These are the most extreme methods of action to take and although effective are the last roads to consider. Girls also find that the birth control pill may help with their acne and blemishes.

Although they usually do fade over time, it is hard not to touch or pick at skin imperfections when you see them everyday. By poking and touching acne however, you can irritate the skin more, causing red swelling and inflammation. Oil from your hands will also end up on your face, clogging more pores and causing more acne and blemishes.

There are some simple rules to follow before trying any radical treatments. Remember to drink plenty of water, wash your face daily with a product suited to your skin type, and eat well cutting out sugary food. If you find the problem persists and you are becoming depressed about the state of your skin, see your doctor.