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You’ve probably heard of acne, but have you ever heard of cystic acne? This is what we know as an advanced acne, and it is a bit more severe. It consists of boils on the face, and if it’s not taken care of right away, it could cause even more problems. Some of those problems involving scarring on the face.

Researchers are still looking into the causes of cystic acne, even though many scientific tests show them to be due to an upsurge of hormones produced by the body. The oil glands in the skin become overactive due to an influx of these hormones causing them to produce e more oil and sebum than normal.

This causes the swelling of the oil glands under the skin, which then begin to harden instead of secreting the oil into the hair follicle linings on the surface of the skin like they should.

These oil glands are then inflamed, and they are in fact infected. At this point they are red ad extremely painful. This is what we call cystic acne, and they appear as red lesions.

Cystic acne treatment is rather difficult; one might get help from a dermatologist who will prescribe drugs like Isotretinoin, as well as antibiotics to reduce the infection and shrink the infected oil gland’s size.

You need to try to resist the urge to squeeze the acne. It will provide you with a little relief, and you might think that everything is fine. Yes, you will scar, and you might believe that you can live with a little scarring. What you probably can’t live with is the cystic acne coming back and being a lot worse than it actually was.

Cystic acne treatment means not using heavy makeup and moisturizers around the affected area. The chemical-based makeup is only going to aggravate an already severe problem. Additionally, continuous exfoliation of the skin can reduce the collection of dead skin cells in that area, however make sure that you take care when scrubbing infected areas of the skin. It is best to wash with warm water and a gentle antiseptic soap specially formulated for acne.

Make sure that you avoid going into the sun during this time. Cystic acne is prone to burn under the hot sun. You definitely don’t want to have a sunburn to compliment your cystic acne! If you do need to go into the sun, then make sure that you cover your infected areas with cucumber juice to keep them moisturized.

Natural treatment will likely be your best route. Wash your infected areas with the following mixture of ingredients: one teaspoon of buttermilk, turmeric in two parts white gram flour, and honey.

This is a great way of ridding yourself of the cysts. In addition that it is the best exfoliating agent that you can use, at least among the natural ones.

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