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Serious Acne and The ABC's of taking Care of Your Skin

Do take care of your skin. This is the basic or ABC of beauty. No amount of makeup can conceal really bad skin. Ironically, the better your skin condition, the less makeup it needs. But what if you have serious acne? Obtain severe acne treatment from a professional. Let’s begin from an accurate perspective. You say that you have serious acne. How serious is it exactly? Do your friends agree with you?

People who are self conscious often suffer from acute sensitivity. Could you be judging yourself harshly in this respect? Do not cause yourself to be any more worried than you already are unless you want even more pimples to pop up.

You may not be the right person to judge for yourself. In this case, why not seek the help of a professional? A trusted beautician or therapist may be able to guide you in the right direction. If you want advice that you can trust for sure, look for a dermatologist. He or she may subsequently prescribe you with a suitable ointment or cream and perhaps medicine for internal consumption.

Begin by drinking plenty of water. Make sure that you get enough sleep. Sleep and water sound simple which is the reason why these are often neglected and taken for granted. Well, do not. These are simple, free and easy; things that you can do on your own. Simply reset your habit gradually if you have gone ‘astray’.

Allow your body to heal itself during your sleep. The same goes for the skin. This is a natural process that takes place during your unconscious awareness.

This special time of rest being the time your body/skin performs self healing, you must wear no makeup to sleep. All makeup must be absolutely washed off if you do wear makeup in the day-time. The last thing you want is for your makeup to interfere with the rejuvenation process. Not to mention that makeup clogs pores, even when certain products claim to be non comedogenic.

Minimize stress as best you can. The skin is a delicate organ and stress easily reveals itself there if you let it. You can say that stress interrupts with the self healing system of the skin. Prolonged stress eventually affects your health, not just your skin.

Do incorporate beauty foods into your diet if you like and it is possible for you to do so. However, be sensible and stay balanced in your diet.

If you have done as mentioned above in addition to using the prescribed cream for severe acne treatment, there is no reason why your skin should not improve. Be hopeful and stay happy; you will soon notice the results you are seeking.

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